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ROM for Kirby’s Dreamland 3

Kirby’s Dreamland 3, also known as Kirby of the Stars 3 in Japan, is the third game in the Kirby series which was originally designed and released for Super Nintendo in 1997 in North America and 1998 in Japan. This is the first game in the Kirby series that was released on a home console.  The Kirby Dreamland 3 ROM is available right here on our site for free.

When the game was first released, SNES was not so commonly found in homes as it was just released a year prior, so the sales were kind of limited.

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Moreover, because of the new designs and mechanics that the game came with, the reviews that it received were somewhat mixed. It still gained a fan following in its early years who were really impressed with the hand-drawn designs, music and final battle

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graphics which are said to be unusual for Kirby games.

To make the game more popular, it was the last video game that was ever going to be released for the SNES for people in the North America. This made the game famous and it became the symbol for the console’s era ending.


The story of the game starts with Kirby, the pink fluffball, who is fishing with his friend Gooey when a dark mysterious cloud suddenly comes upon the sky. This cloud breaks the ring of the planet Popstar.  That is where the whole story will unfold as it spreads around the world in distant parts. When they are told by Coo that Popstar can be in danger, Kirby sets off to save the world yet again.


The gameplay is a lot similar to the previous games in the series and, like its predecessors, is a platforming video game. Kirby can fly, swim and walk to get to one destination from another throughout all the levels. Moreover, he can use his animal allies and with the copy ability and his allies. That is how he can defeat his enemies and the obstacles that come his way.  More features are available with the Kirby Dreamland 3 ROM though.

Like the games before, there would be five levels that are to be completed before the final showdown between Kirby and the final boss. Unlike the previous games, however, this game has been released with a twist. Not only is the player supposed to defeat the bosses, but they also need to help someone at every level. When you help them, you will receive a heart star. When all the heart stars are collected, you would be able to fight against the final boss.

Levels and Graphics

The game is divided into five levels, some of which are quite similar to the previous games. After the last level, when all the heart stars are in the player’s possession, they can fight the final boss. Each level is further divided into six stages. Each level has a boss that is supposed to be defeated in order to proceed to the next level.

Unlike the previous games’ graphics, this time the graphics are more pastel-like with backgrounds looking like crayon drawings. SNES terms the graphics as “pseudo high-resolution” due to the blending of colors pixels for a toned effect.

User Reviews

Even though the game and graphics have improved significantly, a lot of people are still not satisfied by the plot and felt that the game wasn’t thought out well enough. They said that the previous version was a lot better in comparison to the third game in the series. A huge number of people are satisfied with how the game works and plays.  That is evidenced by the fact that the game has a huge fanbase.

Kirby Dreamland 3 ROM

The game has been released for the home console, Nintendo 3DS, and Super Nintendo. Players can get Kirby Dreamland 3 ROM from different sites to play the game on whatever platform they want.

You should simply tap on the download button once you find the site for the ROM. When you have clicked on the button, the file will begin to download directly to your PC. The file can be run on the device that you will play the game on. You need to ensure that you find the right ROM for the device you will be playing it on.