Kirby 64 rom – Get Ready To Become The Pink Puffball

Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards is the remake of Kirby’s Adventure game that was introduced in 1993. The game is very adventurous, and the gameplay has been improved to match the standards of the modern games. Kirby 64 features improved visuals and graphics, and it is available for Nintendo 64 consoles. The game is full of variety and is a platform type game. You can download the Kirby game and enjoy the enhanced features and functions with the Kirby 64 ROM.

Become the Pink Puffball with the Kirby 64 ROM

Kirby 64 Gameplay

Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards was introduced after a long wait of 8 years, and Kirby’s standard feature of sucking the abilities of his enemies is still the same. As Kirby, you can suck your enemies and after inhaling their abilities, you spit them out as projectiles. Kirby is a game for kids and has been made more adventurous and fun for them. Most of the players state that it feels like Kirby has been designed for very young players as the levels are not very challenging.

Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards require the player to find secret crystals to progress. Kirby can even be inflated for a while to make him fly and reach different places. The abilities that can be absorbed from enemies include freezing using ice breath and becoming a walking rock. Completing all the six stars in each level is not a challenging task, but finding the three crystal shards in each level is challenging as they are hidden.

Kirby looks great in this game and as fluffy as he was in the previous version. The game has good lighting

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effects and small improvements in the graphics and visuals.  Consequently the environment of the game is more interesting and attractive. The game also offers a multiplayer option, and you can play with four players to make the game more exciting. This version is, however, considered a bit flat as compared to the previous one because it lacks the charm and gameplay which the previous version had. Overall, Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards is a good game and kids will love hunting for the shards.

Kirby 64 ROM Features

There are features  and new functions and abilities so that Kirby fans can play the game in a completely new way. Kirby is a fluffy and adorable protagonist that can inhale his enemies and absorb their abilities to become more powerful. There are more than 20 abilities that Kirby possesses.  You can even combine the powers to discover other new powers. Some of the new powers that are obtained by combining different powers include laser beam, flame breath, porcupine spikes, and sword.

Beginners were the main target of the game when it was created. Therefore overall, the stages are not tricky or challenging at all. Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards is still full of numerous moments that will make you feel wonderful. The game is full of adventures and many different enemies. If you want to achieve 100% ranking, you have to find the crystal shards which are present in all the levels. In addition, if you discover the crystal shards in each level, it will help you to achieve your aims in the game.

At each stage, Kirby has to encounter various enemies which you can swallow if you want to gain their abilities. This feature serves as the ability to fight new and more powerful enemies and to improve navigation in the upcoming levels. The laser-up power is very interesting and satisfying. It allows Kirby to shoot laser beams that bounce back after striking different objects. Therefore you can destroy many enemies at once with this power. If you don’t want to play the levels, you can go for the boss battles and mini-game versions.  They are actually a good update of this remake version.

Details of Kirby 64 ROM

The transition to Wii U has good impacts on the visuals of the game. Also the background is full of colorful and bright backdrops. The visuals and quality of the game are very good. Consequently, many gamers compare it to any good SNES game. You can download Kirby 64 ROM from any platform, and the details of the game are as follows:

  • File Name: Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards
  • File Size: 9.2 MB
  • Region: United States
  • Genre: Action, Platform
  • Original Console: Nintendo 64